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Adriaan Stoop

Attorney-at-law (Partner)

+31 (0) 20 620 22 88
Dutch, English, French, German

Working areas

Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Insolvency and restructuring, Corporate and Commercial Litigation

About Adriaan Stoop

With an interval of three years during which he did democratisation work in Africa and Eastern Europe, he has been a lawyer since 1995. Currently, his main activities are the corporate law practice and managerial positions in the media sector.

Areas of focus

Mergers and acquisitions

Corporate litigation


Inquiry proceedings

Advising international organisations on democracy development and related legislation


Bergh Stoop & Sanders (partner since 2004)

Consultant on democratisation and election processes for, among others, the European Union, the United Nations and USAID (2001 – present)

DLA Piper (1995 – 2001)


Leiden University

Grotius Academy (Corporate Law)

Personal/ additional functions

Chairman Supervisory Board NRC Media

Board member (vice-chair) Media Development Investment Fund

Supervisory Board Member Pluralis

Board member Movies That Matter (until April 2022) 

Supervisory Board member Liftinstituut

SparkOptimus Supervisory Board Chairman

Board member, Democracy and Media Foundation (until 2015)

Board of directors Kosovo Enterprise Program (until 2014)

Board member the European Press Prize (until 2021) 

Chairman of the Everyday Heroes Board (until 2021)

Register of jurisdictions

Adriaan has registered the legal field of Corporate Law in the Register of Legal Areas of the Netherlands Bar Association. This registration obliges him to obtain ten training points per calendar year in this registered area of law in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.


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