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Nynke IJzerman

Attorney-at-law (Counsel)
MfN - Register Mediator

+31 (0)20 620 22 88
Dutch, English

Working areas

Employment Law, Mediation

About Nynke IJzerman

Employment lawyer since 2005. Deals with all aspects of employment law and has a special interest in employee participation issues.  She often finds a solution outside the courtroom, but litigates if necessary.

Is also an MfN-registered mediator in labour disputes, employee participation disputes and other cooperation problems within teams, boards or between shareholders.

Areas of focus


Co-determination law, collective labour law

The sick employee

Qualification of employment and services agreements

Individual and collective dismissal cases

Drafting and assessing employment agreements and regulations


Bergh Stoop & Sanders (2016 – today) 

Banning (2009 – 2012)

Stibbe (2005 – 2009)


Dutch Law, University of Groningen 

Post Academic Course in Employment Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam 

Mediation, Merlijn Group

Human Resources Management, Harvard Extension School 

Regularly writes articles for professional magazines

Personal/ additional functions

Member of the Association of Employment Lawyers of the Netherlands (VAAN)

Member of the Association of Employment Lawyers of Amsterdam (VAAA) 

Member of the Mediators’ Federation of the Netherlands (MfN)

Member of the Dutch Association of Mediation Lawyers (NVVMA)

Community mediator

Register of jurisdictions

Nynke IJzerman has registered the legal area Employment Law in the Register of Legal Areas of the Netherlands Bar Association. This registration obliges her to obtain ten training points in this registered field of law every calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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